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About Us

About Castilla

Over 30 years of dedication, Castilla brings the house of European luxury right to where you are, providing you with unparalleled style and enhanced the comfort of living – experts in European leather sofas made with only top-grade leather and designer styles trending in the world.

Our Brands

Castilla directly imports prestigious designer sofas and dining tables from Europe. GAMMA has built their reputation in America and Italy for delivering top-notch quality and style of leather sofas. STONE International offers stylish and long-lasting tables made of travertine, marble or granite.




Everything starts from a solid friendship, by a common passion for furniture that Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti, shareholders holding company, have always shared. The administrative experience that Carla Botti has matured into a prestigious national company has been put to good use in the careful management of the administrative and commercial sectors of Gamma International. Similarly Gabriele Ghetti, who “breathed” always smell in the family leather craft, must love to detail and deep knowledge of the workings to handbags and small leather goods that from childhood he saw accomplish.

Through hands ideas acquire a weight and go to the real scope mental concreteness. In celebration of the hands of our company there is the awareness that they are not limited to physically manufacture our products, but they play action even deeper. Hands make. In fact they are the primary tool of the craftsmen, weigh the tools, caress the skin, working materials, strongly and firmly but very gently take charge of even heavy work. Looking at them carefully, hands tell who we are, our history and our passions.



Stone International, a privately held owner-operated company, was founded in 1977 as a producer of travertine, marble and granite tables.

Travertine is often visibly porous, giving it a more natural, textured look and While Marble, is sometimes a single, solid colour, more often it is one color with streaks of another running through it, such as white with grey or black veins.

Stone International offers a contemporary product with a timeless appeal. All of Stone’s various products blend well together as well as easily into existing interiors including antiques, traditional furnishings or transitional styles.

Stone International’s products are certainly fashionable while still eminently long lasting. Located just outside of Florence, Stone International is in the heartland of art and fashion, which provides a rich background for both product development and manufacturing capabilities



IDP Industria Divani and Poltrone, was founded in 1981 with the idea of ​​bringing the appreciated and highly sought-after Made in Italy leather product to foreign markets. In collaboration with the Italian historical tanneries, it is able to offer the most exclusive leathers on the market, becoming one of the most renowned Italian brands on the outside for the quality of its products. The historical evolution and the interest in following and proposing new trends, lead IDP to expand the production with collections of fabric sofas and armchairs.

Only exclusive leathers can be used to pack our products. Made in Italy is a real value for us, made of quality raw materials and a historic tailoring experience. We interpret the Italian style of living, dressing spaces with products that become the protagonists of everyday life. IDP is a 100% Made in Italy certified company by the Institute for the protection of Italian producers. The certificate of the IT01 system is a protection tool designed to guarantee, to the customers and to the final consumer, the origin and the handicraft quality of the production entirely made in Italy.