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Castilla Christmas Sale

5 Dec 2018

In case you haven’t heard, Castilla is having our Christmas Sale until 30 Dec! With a storewide discount of 30%, the savings you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here! Here are just some of our popular pieces featured in our Christmas Sale:


SUNSET | Gamma  

One of the most iconic models from the Gamma collection, SUNSET’s uniqueness is reflected in its wide forms. Its angularity offers a boldness that complements its overall grandeur, while flawless stitching and soft corners give the sofa character and at the same time a gentle feel.

FRANCIS | Koinor

Elegantly curved runners give the sofa its weightless feel, and beautifully shaped cushions with a comfortable seat width rest on a simple plateau. FRANCIS is the soothing contrast to the everyday hustle and your own private oasis of calm and relaxation.

FENJA | Koinor

FENJA radiates elegance, tranquility and sensuousness; offering the ultimate relaxation and deluxe lounging. Its fine design is crowned by handcrafted production, top-quality upholstery materials and a border seam.

AVANTI | Koinor

AVANTI is a model from our Koinor Collection that incorporates elegance and German functionality, which make it a standout masterpiece that delivers uniqueness while not compromising on comfort.

EDIT  | Koinor

A combination of modernity and timelessness, EDIT is an award-winning cosmopolitan masterpiece from our Koinor Collection.

JONAS | Koinor

Sleek and modern curves combined with a chrome frame exude a stylish and contemporary feel, allowing JONAS to blend seamlessly into any home setting.

ROMA | Stone International

Designed and handcrafted in Italy, ROMA’s beautiful marble top is produced using only premium-quality natural stones extracted from quarries in Carrara and Rome. With a marble top and base with a boat edge, this ROMA table exudes a classy and timeless appeal.

FREEDOM | Stone International

Similar to ROMA, FREEDOM is designed and handcrafted in Italy, using only premium-quality natural stones extracted from quarries in Carrara and Rome. Juxtaposing the thin, bevelled marble table top is a hefty and sculptural base – hewn in marble or steel to catch light and shadows with its bold angles.

Come on down to our showroom to have a look or like our Facebook page for updates!

Our showroom is at Big Box Level 3 (nearest MRT – Jurong East), 1 Venture Ave 608521

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