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01. Intro

ATHENA comes in a rectangular/round marble top with stainless steel base.

02. Brief

Stone International offers tables made with natural marble that blend well into both modern and traditional settings, with designs that are one of a kind.



Designed and made in Italy, ATHENA is both classy and timeless.



All of its tables are made with natural marble, which is strong and durable. Voids, fills, and fissures are not to be considered defects but natural characteristics of the marble. If/when there is a fissure, the customer can rest assured that this will not affect the structural integrity of the slab.



The sturdy stainless steel leg gives ample leg room for users, allowing them to stretch their legs out whenever they please, ensuring maximum comfort in any setting.

03. Specifications

Available Sizes:

  1.  1.4M Round Dining Table (Dia140x74cm)
  2. 1.5M Round Dining Table (Dia150x74cm)
  3. 1.8M Rectangular Dining Table (160x100x74cm)
  4. 2M Rectangular Dining Table (180x106x74cm)
  5. Rectangular Coffee Table (120x70x40cm)

Customisation is Available

04. Care

The table should be wiped clean daily using a damp cloth to remove any dust/ dirt, and then dry using a soft duster.

Spills that could damage it, eg. acidic substances such as fruit juice, wine and spirits, curry etc. should be wiped away as soon as possible.

Ensure that moisture does not become trapped under vases or mats as this may damage the table.

Hot pots or hot plates should not be placed directly on the stone surface but on placemats, coasters or trivets.

Repolish your table with a coat of natural paste wax as desired. This will restore the shine and protect the surface.