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01. Intro

A combination of modernity and timelessness, EDIT is an award-winning cosmopolitan masterpiece.

02. Brief

Cosmopolitan masterpiece with innovative "free motion" technology that permits rotability and lateral movement controllable from a remote. EDIT is able to help its owner escape from everyday stress and hectic daily life within minutes. For you to dive into, stretch out and unwind - either alone, with a friend or with the family: depending on your individual needs.



EDIT's sleek design and sturdy base impresses with modernity and timelessness. The architecturally landscaped design follows a linear order: Highly functional individual seats rest on a plateau and gain their strong appeal form the power of opposites.



Made with premium quality leather, EDIT's cover is natural, robust and easy to clean. Our leather combines aesthetics and suitability for everyday use perfectly. Textile cover materials are also available. Supported by a sturdy wooden plateau, EDIT will certainly add a touch of elegance to your living room.



EDIT has highly functional individual seats that rest on a plateau, with manual rotability of up to 320º (160º left and right), automatic lateral movement up to 30cm/seat , and an adjustable headrest, backrest and footrest for its users to relax in maximum comfort. The seats can be moved steplessly aside and provide distance or proximity. Furthermore, they provide easy-to-reach storage space for storing your wine, books, magazines etc.

03. Specifications

Available in 1, 2, and 3 seaters.

04. Care

Use a feather duster to dust your sofa daily.

Use a leather cleaning kit to clean dirt and stains.

Apply moisturiser every 6-8 months to prevent leather surface from becoming dry.