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01. Intro

Victor is an elegant and timeless model that invites one to relax after a long day.

02. Brief

With soft lines and flared arms, Victor's elegant and versatile seats defy the traditional conception of geometry and space. It gives a unique touch to modern areas by pairing modern taste with retro appeal.



VICTOR's smart seating system is based on a 70s-inspired aesthetic, featuring clean, linear shapes. It is a customisable leather sofa with tilted armrests and special stitching that outline its sophistication and elegance.



The tailor-made upholstery in large hides for the seat and back cushions and the special stitching around the edge enhance and attest to the sofa’s sartorial value; an epitome of the savoir faire of Gamma’s artisanal workmanship, combining technical excellence and intimate knowledge of tradition.



Victor’s slightly tilted armrests make for an additional distinctive feature that creates a more dynamic form, adding to the sensation of maximum comfort and unique softness of this sofa. Victor can be customised thanks to its modular flexibility and is available in a range of different configurations with the new corner (45 °) component, fitted with a practical glass holder.

03. Specifications

  • Seat depth 61 cm / 24 inches.
  • Seat height 43 cm / 17 inches.
  • Armrest width 18 cm / 7 inches.
  • Armrest height 55 cm / 22 inches.
  • Wood legs height 4 cm / 1.5 inches.
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 seaters, with or without armchair.

04. Care

Use a feather duster to dust your sofa daily.

Use a leather cleaning kit to clean dirt and stains.

Apply moisturiser every 6-8 months to prevent leather surface from becoming dry.